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Why donate to IDRS?

Because we Make Rights Real
for people with intellectual disability.

People with intellectual disability have more legal problems than most people but can’t find a solicitor who will take the time to help - IDRS take the time to listen, provide legal advice and persist in finding a better outcome.

People with intellectual disability are 2% of the NSW population but 10% of the population in our prisons - IDRS sends a volunteer support person to the police station to make sure the person is shown respect, understands what is happening and gives legal advice so the person doesn’t make the situation worse.

Babies of mothers with intellectual disability are regularly removed when Mum is still in the maternity ward – IDRS helps mothers with a parenting support plan during pregnancy. We work alongside Family and Community Service (FACS) if they have concerns about the child and we stay committed throughout the struggle to have children returned to their mother.

Women with intellectual disability are 11 times more likely to be a victim of sexual assault; yet sexual assault convictions, in these cases, are rare - IDRS will find a trained support person to be with the woman when she reports the crime to the police; this helps with communication, emotional support and justice for the victim. We help get victims the right support and continue to support the women through the court case.

Help us continue to Make Rights Real for people with intellectual disability.

Justice – Respect – Persistence

donate $25

$25 helps to get a volunteer support person to the police station to help a victim or someone under arrest

donate $50

$50 helps our solicitors to spend the additional time necessary to give quality legal advice

donate $250

$100 helps us to run groups to bring people with intellectual disability together to help each other

donate Other

$150 helps us to work with a woman during pregnancy so that she gets a chance to parent her child

donate Other

$250 helps us to train new volunteer support persons to make sense of the chaos of court for defendants, victims and parents with intellectual disability

Donations over $2 are tax deductable in Australia - a receipt will be sent to you via email upon receipt of payment.
donate now

Phone, Mail or Fax

To donate by phone please call 1800 666 611 and talk to Persons name who will assist you in making a donation using your credit card.

To donate by mail or fax please download our mail donation form and return it to:

donate $250
IDRS – Donations
PO Box 3347
Redfern NSW 2016
Fax:(02) 9318 2887
General Enquiries:(02) 9318 0144
Donations over $2 are tax deductable in Australia - a receipt will be sent to you via email upon receipt of payment.
donate now

What People Say About IDRS…

IDRS are the only legal service with the knowledge and understanding of working with people with intellectual disability. There is no competition.

Lindy Rodriguez, People with Disabilities Advocacy Group

They understood what was happening to me in court and told me so I didn’t get frustrated

IDRS Client

It means a lot [IDRS support], really a lot. I spoke to my mum, I said if I had this support before I would still have [first child] with me.” I appreciate everything [IDRS] did for me.

IDRS Client, Parents Project

I admire them because of the way that they respect, communicate with and treat the people who come into their care with complete dignity.

Assessor Feedback from IDRS Client Family Member

On sentencing, the magistrate commented on the co-operation between prosecution, defence, IDRS and other services to pull everything together to enable the young man to be released from prison.

IDRS Client

She was there to keep us calm. She was like an angel sent to us.

IDRS Client

They are very professional and that gave me the confidence to be able to speak up for myself.

IDRS Client, Criminal Justice System Network

I get personal satisfaction from ensuring that people with an intellectual disability are not unfairly spending their lives in prison, it feels great when it turns out well. I am not alone I am one of 130 volunteers across NSW who commit their time to doing the same, and we are all supported by the great team at Intellectual Disability Rights Service (IDRS). All of us are passionate about ensuring everybody’s rights are upheld.

Bruce Bland, Volunteer Campbelltown

Both the Crown Prosecutor and Solicitor commented on what a difference it made having [IDRS Support Person’] at the conference. Many thanks to [IDRS] and the great work your organisation does.

Witness Assistance Officer

I’ve learnt a lot more about my legal rights wherever in my life I might need it.

IDRS Student, Your Life Your Rights Course

If it wasn’t for the group, I’d live in a hermit shell, staying inside with my doors and windows locked.

IDRS Participant, Peer Support Network Group

I feel very fortunate and valued to be in this role.

Elizabeth Starr, Volunteer Bradbury

One of the members who struggled with confidence when she joined the network set herself 3 goals – get a job, join a choir and learn how to cook – she has achieved all three.

Ben Garcia, Educator IDRS

This volunteering role has helped me gain confidence I did not think I had; I am more assertive and knowledgeable now

Catherine Lukic, Volunteer Miranda

Without the help of the [IDRS] and that, I don’t know where I’d be. I’d probably still be going through the justice system. So I can’t thank them enough.

IDRS Client, Parents Project

They are nice people [IDRS Team] because they didn’t judge me, they just helped me.

IDRS Client, Criminal Justice System Network

They are a very good service with sensitive and approachable people with high ethics.

Assessor Feedback from IDRS Client Family Member

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