Training for service providers, disability workers and carers.

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Training for Disability Service Providers and Advocacy Groups

We provide the following training and workshops for service providers and advocates:


Common Legal Issues for People with Intellectual Disability

Common Legal Issues training
  • 1-day capacity building workshop
  • for disability workers
  • learn about legal issues faced by people with intellectual disability

The aim of this training is to provide knowledge and skills needed to:

  • recognise a legal or rights issue
  • assist their clients to get appropriate legal advice


  • guardianship law
  • financial management orders
  • consumer problems
  • fines
  • discrimination
  • issues for victims of crime
  • dealing with police and court
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights Of People with Disability
  • criminal law


  • presented by IDRS solicitors and educators
  • 1 day workshop (for full content)
  • shorter workshop if required

Cost: Training fee would be negotiated

For more information call the IDRS Educator on (02) 9318 0144

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Cops and Court

Register for Cops and Court Training (for disability workers and advocates)
  • learn how to support someone with interllectual disability through the criminal justice system
  • learn about police, court proceedings, Legal Aid, assisting victims of crime and other aspects of the criminal justice system
  • this is a 2-day course with resource kit; lunch and snacks will be provided

The aim of this training is to equip disability service providers with:

  • basic knowledge and skills to support people who comes into contact with the criminal justice system


  • supporting a person with a disability who is under arrest
  • NSW court systems and how to support a client through court
  • Section 32 Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990
  • support plans and how you can assist
  • explanations of bail, AVO’s and penalties
  • resources you can use with people with intellectual disability


  • one day workshop
  • facilitated by CJSN Educator and IDRS Solicitor

Cost: training fees apply

For more information call the CJSN Educator on (02) 9318 0144

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When DoCS Knocks training

When DoCS Knocks Training + Registration
  • learn how to support and advocate for parents with intellectual disability during care proceedings
  • learn about the role and challenges an advocate faces supporting parents with intellectual disability
  • this is a 1-day workshop with resources; lunch and snacks will be provided

A growing number of people with intellectual disability are becoming parents. Parenthood presents new challenges and new systems to navigate. A disproportionate number of parents with intellectual disability will find themselves involved with the child protection system. It is essential for parents navigating this system to have supports and effective advocacy.

This one day workshop will:

  • Explain the NSW Care and Protection system
  • Highlight key issues confronting parents with intellectual disability
  • Discuss the role and challenges an advocate faces supporting parents with intellectual disability
  • Provide important information and tips for navigating and advocating within the care and protection system

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Getting Arrested: What to do?

The aim of this training is to educate teachers, teachers’ aides, trainers and disability service providers how:

  • to educate people with intellectual disability about what to do if they are arrested
  • to use the Getting Arrested: What to Do kit

Content of the kit:

  • information about people with intellectual disability and the criminal justice system
  • how to use the kit
  • what’s in the kit
  • how to access support persons
  • DVDs - Getting Arrested, Bail Conditions
  • client wallet cards and brochures
  • show cards
  • photobook

Some of this material is available on line- Getting Arrested...What to do


  • half day interactive workshop

For more information call the CJSN Educator on (02) 9318 0144

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