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The Intellectual Disability Rights Service (IDRS) is a specialist Community Legal Centre that helps people with an intellectual disability with their legal issues.

Legal help is available to anyone in NSW with an intellectual disability. Advice can also be given to family members, carers, advocates or others who are seeking advice on behalf of a person with an intellectual disability.

For lawyers

Consultation for lawyers
  • To help clients with intellectual disability
  • To discuss legal avenues open to people with intellectual disability
  • Provide information about providing services to a person with intellectual disability

Legal Advice

If you are arrested by the police, you can get legal advice from IDRS at any time.

Tell the police that you want a support person and legal advice

Ask the police to call -
1300 665 908
(9am-10pm, 7 days a week)

  • Legal advice is available free of charge, please call IDRS to make an appointment. You will need to provide a phone number for the solicitor to ring you back.
  • Advice times are between 2pm and 5pm Monday to Friday. Appointments are usually made on the hour at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
  • Legal advice is usually provided over the phone. However, advice can be provided in person at our Sydney office if that is preferred
  • We can make other arrangements for providing legal advice to suit individual needs. You should tell us if the matter is urgent or you need an appointment at a different time.

To make an appointment with a solicitor- 02 9318 0144

If you live outside Sydney- 1800 666 611 (calls to this number are free).

If you are not sure if your situation is about a legal issue then call IDRS and we can help you work this out. If we cannot help you, we try to find the right place for you to get help.

Have a look at our list of Useful Contacts

Legal Casework

If someone has a problem with the law, they often need more than telephone advice.

Our solicitors take on a limited number of cases to help people who have legal problems.

You need to make an appointment and get legal advice first.

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Get support!

As well as getting legal advice, support can be organised by the Criminal Justice Support Network (CJSN)

Where do we provide support?

  • police stations
  • at court
  • legal meetings
  • mediation
  • community conferencing
  • advocacy meetings

You can contact CJSN on:

  • Sydney office - (02) 9318 0144
  • Hunter office in Newcastle- (02) 4926 5643
  • Illawarra / Shoalhaven, Goulburn office in Wollongong - (02) 4228 4040
  • All other areas of NSW - 1800 666 611

For support at police stations - 1300 665 908. This service is available from 9:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days a week, and to be used only when a client is in police custody.

Read more about the CJSN

We also provide support for parents with intellectual disability at family court for care and protection matters. Please call (02) 9318 0144

Read more about support available for parents with intellectual disability and care proceedings.

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Volunteer Solicitor Programme- to provide free legal advice for people in police custody

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IDRS Volunteer Solicitor Program works in conjunction with the Criminal Justice Support Network (CJSN).

Through this program volunteer solicitors provide after hours and weekend legal advice to people with intellectual disability who have been arrested and are in police custody.

  • Legal advice is given over the phone from where the solicitor is; the solicitor does not need to travel to the police station
  • Advice is organised by a CJSN staff member already in contact with the client and the police
  • A monthly roster system is organised accoding to the availability and preference of each solicitor
  • This is part of the 9am-10pm, 7 days a week support service of the Intellectual Disability Rights Service
  • This is a state-wide service in New South Wales

Please click to find out more about solicitors volunteering with CJSN.

Please click to find out about the work done by volunteer solicitors.

Or click to find out about the orientation workshop we organise for volunteer solicitors.

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