Support for parents with intellectual disability through care proceedings

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Support at court for parents with intellectual disability

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Who is eligible

    This service is for:
  • Parents AND
  • have intellectual disability AND
  • is a party in care proceedings

How does IDRS support help?

    This service is voluntary, and can:
  1. provide a parent with a support person who can attend court and other appointment related to the care matter
  2. assist the parent to read documents and help think about what they want to ask or say
  3. provide parents with accessible information about:
    • stages in a care matter
    • contact with their child
    • working with community services
    • going to court
    • accessing help in the community
  4. be a point of contact for parents when they need assurance or reminders about what they need to be doing or about appointments they need to keep
  5. refer a parent to a disability advocate who can negotiate other issues (E.g. housing, centerlink issues or problems with contact visit

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