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Useful contacts and links

Other Useful Contacts

Legal Aid NSW - Client Assessment and Referral Unit

Tel - (02) 9219 5044 (Community Liaison and Referral Officer)

Criminal law lawyers employed by Legal Aid should contact the Client Assessment and Referral Unit of Legal Aid for assistance with preparingtreatment and support plans when making section 32 applications.

Sexuality/Relationship counselling and training

Tel - 1300 658 886 (Family Planning NSW Healthline)

Family Planning NSW can provide contacts for psychologists and counsellors who work with people with intellectual disability on sexuality issues.

Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS)

Tel (Main switch) - (02) 9361 8000

Tel- 1800 422 599


A 24-hour and confidential information, advice and referral service. The Directory provides a central point of access to updated information on government-funded alcohol and other drug treatment.

Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office, NSW Health

Website- (Click on Contact a Service)

The website provides contact numbers for area intake services, consumer publications and information about court-linked and other drug programs. There are no specialist drug and alcohol services for people with intellectual disability. Drug and alcohol services should adapt their treatment programs, if necessary, to cater for an individual with intellectual disability.

Guardianship Tribunal of NSW

Tel (Main switch) - (02) 9556 7600

Tel- 1800 463 928



Postal Address-
Locked Bag 9,
Balmain NSW 2041

The Guardianship Tribunal has jurisdiction in NSW to appoint a guardian or financial manager for a person (16 years and over) who has a disability which affects their decision-making capacity. Lawyers representing a person with disability in a criminal matter can contact the Guardianship Tribunal to establish whether or not their client has an appointed guardian and to get a copy of current orders. This should be done in writing to the Registrar of the Tribunal. The request would have to include identification details of the person, for example, date of birth, as well as a statement that the lawyer is acting under instructions. Wherever possible a consent form would also be necessary.

Office of the Public Guardian

Tel - (02) 8688 2650 (Head office and Western Team)

Tel- 1800 451 510 (Toll free within NSW)

Tel- (02) 9287 7660 or 1800 451 428 (Southern Team)

Tel- (02) 4320 4888 or 1800 451 694 (Northern Team)



The NSW Public Guardian is a public official who can be appointed by the NSW Guardianship Tribunal to be the guardian of a person (16 years and over) with decision-making incapacity due to disability such as dementia, intellectual disability, brain injury or mental illness. The Public Guardian is usually appointed when there is no other person suitable or able to be the guardian.

NSW Trustee and Guardian

Tel - (02) 8688 2600 (Head office)

Tel- 1300 360 466 (Outside Sydney)


Postal Address-
Locked Bag 5115
NSW 2124

The NSW Trustee and Guardian is an independent statutory authority legally appointed to protect and administer the financial affairs and property of people unable to make financial decisions for themselves (where there is no other suitable person to be appointed to this role). The NSW Trustee and Guardian also oversees the operation of orders appointing private persons as financial managers in NSW.

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Public Defenders Office

Tel - (02) 9268 3111

Fax - 9268 3168


Postal Address-
DX 11545

The Public Defenders Office is willing to advise lawyers considering a Supreme Court appeal in section 32 matters where the client is, or could be, legally aided.

Statewide Disability Services (SDS) Corrective Services

Tel - (02) 9289 2136


Website- Statewide Disability Services (SDS) Corrective Services

SDS is a multidisciplinary team that works with all offenders with a disability who are under the management of Corrective Services NSW. If you have a client who is either entering or in custody, or under the management of Community Offender Services, and would benefit from specialist assistance, please contact SDS. SDS also focuses on the pre-release planning of offenders with intellectual disability, which includes making referrals to ADHC, including the CJP.

Justice Health

Tel - (02) 9700 3000

Fax - (02) 9700 3493



Health care, including mental health care, to people in the adult correctional system, to those in courts and police cells, to juvenile detainees and to those within the NSW forensic mental health system and in the community. The Statewide Court Liaison Service provides mentally ill offenders with court-based diversion options from the criminal justice system towards treatment in mental health facilities. There are Justice Health mental health practitioners in 17 courts across NSW.

Homeless Persons Information Centre

Tel - 1800 234 566



The Homeless Persons Information Centre is a telephone service that can provide referrals to accommodation providers for people in NSW who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

It operates seven days a week: 9am to 10pm (closed each day between 1 and 2 pm).

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