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S32 Step By Step Guide

Effects and what to do

Effects of Acquired Brain Injury

Problems resulting from a brain injury will differ from person to person because injuries vary in extent and location. However, there are some common effects that people with ABI experience.

    Your client may have difficulty with:
  • speaking and understanding speech
  • reading and writing
  • socialising - they may not make appropriate eye contact or conversation or acknowledge personal space when interacting with people
  • remembering, learning or retaining information - they may forget appointments or future plans
  • paying attention for long periods of time
  • understanding complex ideas
  • planning or organising
  • exercising self control - they may be impulsive or aggressive, self-centred or demanding
  • completing activities of daily living such as personal care, household chores etc.
  • maintaining relationships

Your client with ABI may also have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety.

Working with a client with ABI

Memory problems are the most commonly reported cognitive impairment after ABI.

    Some strategies include:
  • allowing extra time with clients with ABI
  • making reminder calls
  • getting consent from client to speak with family and friends
  • ask family and friends to remind client about crucial dates
What is ABIClients with intellectual disability

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