Work done by IDRS volunteer lawyers

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Solicitors Volunteering with Criminal Justice Support network (CJSN)

How volunteer after-hours legal advice works

If legal advice is required by a person with intellectual disability when they have been arrested after hours, the CJSN member of staff on call will contact the rostered volunteer lawyer listed on the CJSN After Hours Lawyers Roster.

The rostered on volunteer lawyer needs to have their mobile (or other designated) phone on and near them throughout their volunteer shift, in case a call comes in from the CJSN support staff.

Each time legal advice is provided, the volunteer lawyer who gives the legal advice needs to send a report of the legal advice given to the IDRS Information and Resources Coordinator, ideally by the close of business on the next business day.

Legal advice reports are reviewed by the IDRS Principal Solicitor as soon as possible.

Volunteer lawyers can send a report of the advice given via

The After Hours Volunteer Lawyers Roster

The CJSN After Hours Volunteer Lawyers Roster is prepared on a monthly basis, at the end of each month.

The roster is prepared with enough time for it to be circulated by email to the participating volunteer lawyers, so that the lawyers can indicate if they have been rostered on for a time at which they will be unavailable.

The rostering is done using general availability indicated during the registration of the volunteer solicitors.

The email address used to organise the roster is

Once the CJSN On Call Volunteer Lawyers Roster for the month has been finalised, it is made available to the CJSN on-call members of staff.

Frequency of on call legal advice

During work days, volunteer solicitors are on-call during the night from 5:00PM until midnight. During weekends and public holidays, there are two shifts: 9:00AM until 5:00PM and 5:00PM until midnight.

Most volunteers solicitors are rostered on once or twice per month, but the preferred frequency can be indicated on the registration form.

While it cannot be guaranteed, most volunteers only receive a couple of calls throughout an entire year when volunteering (assuming they do about 12 shifts during that year).

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